The world is facing a crises arising from climate change and global warming, creating a storm of issues which affect the environment and all life forms including human beings.

The global phenomenon of reoccurring natural disasters and weather is a clear indication of reality of global warming and climate change.

The argument of whether or not human activities is the cause of these changes and event is irrelevant to us. There is a great need to provide solutions that will mitigate these adverse climatic changes. We are poised to be a definitive name in climate change mitigation solutions

The climate and environment which make up our ecosystems are destroyed by daily activities and uncontrolled pollution of water, land and air habitation.

Earthlight has the mandate to be a light in these darker days of environmental degradation and improve the health of the planet and all the life forms within.

We propose a holistic solution that revolves around creating impact and at the same time, community cum stakeholder engagement for sustainability

We are Earth focused: Solution driven.