Just like every other living organism man is designed to live, function and interact with his environment.

Humans are the probably the only living things on earth that interact with water, air and land. We have even gone as far as outer space. But don’t let the scientific fiction of life on Mars make you think we have a planet B, all we have is earth and we are slowly destroying it.

Human are the most complex social beings on the planet; even the great Aristotle called us social animals. Since the begin of time we have come together to make things happen, good or bad.

Earthlight International invites and encourages every one of us to take a stand for the environment.

This year a large part of the amazon which gives us about 20% of the oxygen we breathe was destroyed by fire. Our industries burn fossil fuel or worse coal, we run cars and generators to make life easier. We dispose waste indiscriminately not realizing that all these things effect on us and our environment. Our oceans are flooded with plastic waste, our cities experience floods and other climatic related issues. Trees can be used as wind breaker and help stop flooding, but we cut them down to build houses which get tossed when the environment kicks back.

It gets worse every year but if we stop to notice we will see that those who get hurt are you and me.

You might say you don’t have the time to or knowledge to get involved. Good news, that’s why we are here.  Earthlight international is a youth-led, passion driven, solution focused and innovative social enterprise that has taken it upon itself to be your ‘environmental angels’.

Our social projects include our reforestation and environmental education. Our other activities involve waste management and recycling, renewable and alternative energy and research and consulting. We are keen on partnerships to achieve our goals.

We would love to partner with you. Become an earthlight partner today!

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