EARTH DAY: Our Earth, Our Future
Protecting the Environment through Electric Automobiles.

It is imperative to trace the evolution of Earth Day in the mainstream international celebrations. Earth Day emerged for the first time as a conscious effort channelled at addressing environmental concerns. It started out to be an avenue to push a global agenda for environmental protection. Over the years since 1970 down to 1992 when the United Nations met for the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and the inauguration of April 22nd to become the global day for action for the Earth, activism and clean up actions have not ceased to the pursuit of one goal: a safer planet earth.

Today, the quest for a safer and healthier environment has gone beyond campaign for more trees or taking out trash in filthy areas but an intentional and deliberate investment in a future where the earth and all its elements are secured for sustainability. One of such investment we can make is in the prospects of electric cars as opposed to gas powered automobiles. Electronic powered automobiles have its pro’s and con’s. One major benefit of electric cars includes being environmentally friendly; as there are zero gas emissions leading to a cleaner air and safer planet. Another major benefit is that electric cars are easier and cheaper to maintain. They are pitched to be potentially more cost effective particularly where the cost of electricity is lesser than gas.

There was a recent media outburst as regards a statement made by Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President, stating how electric cars should not be allowed in Nigeria because it is an oil producing state. That to us is the height of myopia gushed out of ignorance, fuelled by a reluctance to embrace the future of automotive technology. One of the biggest uncertainties the global oil market and even petrochemical research has shown in recent times is the fact that oil exploration is not just economically sustainable but equally environmentally unsustainable. The environment is the ultimate price paid for the continued relevance Nigeria has in the global market as an oil producing state but the prices keep dwindling and the environment remain at risk which makes it expedient to explore alternative avenue for energy supply starting with embracing electric cars and a reduction of cars powered by fuel.
At Earth Light, we believe electric cars consolidate the resolution for safer and healthier Nigeria and a planet earth at large. Join our cause!!

#electirccarsfornigeria. #greeningtheblue #reducecarbonemission #notoairpollution

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